Army of Karl Franz

Hey all. Its time for some good guys now, finaly. This is my empire combined with Tobbes. I will start with some of the characters.


This is wizard lord William Foxe riding his griffon Dreadbeak




Next we have Volkmar on his war altar of Sigmar and then we have Arch Lector Ivo Grey on his war altar of Ulric




Here we have Morys Amcottes, priest of Ulric and next to him none other than Graf Boris Todbringer, Count of Middenland




And here we have the big guys, Kurt Hellborg and Karl Franz






From left, Humphrey Goodyere captain of Ostermark, Gunwald Larsen captain of Bögenhafen, Ar-Ulric Emil Valgeir, Arnald Fitzherbert captain of Middenheim, Maximus Payne BSB of Middenheim




Here we have Grand Master Rien Volkhard of Knights of the Withe Wolf and Vorn Thugenheim right hand of Boris and BSB of Middenheim



That was just some of the characters, there will be more. I leave you now with some pics on the army as it stands today, more units will join before the battle.


IMG_3789 IMG_3790 IMG_3791 IMG_3793


So there you go, now I must return to my dark cellar and keep painting.